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Whether you love listening to music, talking with friends and family, going to sporting events, or traveling, the sounds that make up your life are as personal as everything else about you. If you have hearing loss, you deserve to be treated as an individual by someone who understands your unique needs. Colonna Audiology is an independent audiology practice that truly listens to our patients. We want to find a hearing solution that will work for you. Our goal is not to sell you hearing aids, it is to help you find hearing aids that are so comfortable and effective you will want to wear them every day.

If you havenot been satisfied with hearing aids in the past, we encourage you to give us a chance to show you how well they can work for you if they are properly fitted. We often have patients who come to us with hearing aids that are not working right, and as soon as we reprogram the hearing aids or fit them with a new pair, we can see the difference in their faces. It is like a light goes on the moment they first hear as well as they should be hearing.

We love knowing that we are improving our patients’ quality of life. And we're able to do this even when others can't because we take the time to understand our patients, personalize our care, and address their individual hearing needs.

Your First Appointment

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When you first come to our office, the first thing you will notice is that it is a friendly, comfortable place rather than a sterile medical environment. When it is time for your appointment, we will invite you back and take a full history of your hearing health. This is just one of the occasions where we take as long as we need to make sure we fully understand why you are in our office. We never rush through this process, and we always listen to what you tell us.

Then, we will perform a complete audiological evaluation, which includes an otoscopic examination and an otoacoustic emissions evaluation. If we notice a difference between your ears, we will also perform a Stenger evaluation. Only an audiologist can give patients these more thorough diagnostic evaluations; a hearing instrument specialist isn't qualified to perform the more advanced tests. A good hearing test is essential to fitting someone with a proper hearing aid, so we take the time to do everything right.

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Ongoing Care

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Hearing aids require daily maintenance. We will go over every step of that process with you when you first receive your hearing aids, and we are available to talk you through it if you need help later on.

After we fit patients with hearing aids, we keep in touch to make sure you are adjusting well. We recommend that you come back in 30 days so we can check the fit and make any necessary changes. As long as everything looks good, we ask patients to return in six months and then on an annual basis after that.

Once you purchase hearing aids from Colonna Audiology, all services for the first year are included in that cost. You can come in as often as you need. From then on, we will send a yearly reminder to make sure you have your hearing tested and your hearing aids checked. As long as you do not have any major noticeable changes to your hearing loss, and you keep up with the ongoing daily maintenance of your hearing aids, an annual checkup will probably be enough to keep you hearing as well as possible.

Worry-Free Hearing Aids

All hearing aids come with a warranty, so you are never at risk. Most models come with 2-3 year warranties. We are proud to offer the Secure 4-Year Warranty on all EarQ devices. Secure is the longest warranty in the industry, and keeps your hearing aids protected. Also, all hearing aids have a 45-day trial period per New York state law. However, we have an extremely low return rate because we're very good at fitting patients with the right hearing aids on the first try.

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